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3 Axle 70 Tons Fence Semi Trailer For Sale In Sudan Nigeria Senegal Kenya


1. What Is Fence Semi Trailer ?


The fence semi trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk goods, such as agricultural products, food even the livestock.

Due to the higher load capacity and higher fence, the fence semi trailer is more suitable for long distance transportation.

And the fence can be disassembled to transport various types of containers, create the greatest economic benefits.


2. TRUCKMAN AUTO Fence Semi Trailer Specification & Design Drawing.


Loading capacity: 50-70 tons

Axles: 3 axles, 16 tons axle

Tire: 12R22.5, 12 pcs

Material: Q355 high strength teel

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical suspension, enhanced version

Bottom Platform: 3mm thick checkered plate

King Pin: 90#

Landing Gear: JOST

Brake System: WABCO

Electrical System: 24V, LED lights

The specification only for your reference, custom made acceptable.


                                                          2 axle 50 tons fence semi trailer design drawing.


3. TRUCKMAN AUTO Fence Semi Trailer Main Detail.


A. Trailer Chassis:

The trailer frame structure formed by the welding of the main beam and the cross beam can balance the strength, rigidity,

and toughness of the frame, with strong load bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.

                                                                Fence Semi Trailer Chassis Picture


B. Main Beam:

The main beam adopts a straight design, beam height is 500mm, is welded by automatic submerged arc welding,

use the shot blasting tech. The cross beam penetrates into the main beam and welded.

                                                                       Submerged Arc Welding Machine


C. Suspension System:

A thickened suspension system with high strength and strong impact resistance; balanced load on each axle and

reasonable design of the system tie rod angle, reducing friction and slippage between tires and the ground on frequently

running bumpy roads Shifting distance can effectively reduce tire wear, and at the same time, the tie rod can be adjusted

and the wheelbase can be adjusted to effectively avoid the phenomenon of partial running-in and gnawing of the tire.

                                                                           8mm Thickness Suspension


4. What Are The Types Of Suspension For Fence Semi Trailers ?


TRUCKMAN AUTO’s fence semi trailer can currently be equipped with mechanical suspension, single point suspension

and air suspension. The following is an introduction to each suspension.


A. Mechanical Suspension:

Also known as series connected leaf spring balance suspension, that is a common leaf spring suspension, which is mainly

composed of leaf springs, suspension supports, connecting rods, U-bolts, etc. The biggest advantage is low cost, reliable

work and convenient maintenance. Because of this, mechanical suspension is currently the largest in semi trailer

applications, about 90%.


B. Single Point Suspension:

That is to say the common leaf spring front and rear brackets are reduced to a single bracket connected to the trailer body,

which can divide the force point equally on different axles, so the bearing capacity is greater, and it is generally used on

heavy semi trailers.


C. Air Suspension:

Also known as airbag suspension, its most notable feature is the airbag style air spring, It has the characteristics of good

damping effect, reduced load stress, smaller own weight, long service life, etc.


At present, due to local laws and regulations, many semi trailers use a combination of mechanical suspension and

air suspension. Major countries like Ghana, Senegal, Guinea, etc., while meeting the requirements of laws and

regulations, guarantee the semi trailer own carrying capacity.


5. Patented Design Of Fence Semi Trailer Hinge.


As mentioned earlier, the fence semi-trailer transports containers by adding containers lock at the bottom and

disassembling the fences. The hinge of a semi trailer is a mechanical device that connects the fence and the body

of the semi trailer, and allows the fence to rotate relative to each other.


The picture of hinge patented made by TRUCKMAN AUTO. This hinge is easy to disassemble. The fence removal

time of the semi trailer can be controlled within 10 minutes, which greatly improves the work efficiency. In addition,

the fence is not easy to fall, and the cost of the hinge is also low.


6. Why Do Fence Semi Trailers Need Shot Blasting ?


First of all, we need to know what shot blasting is. Shot blasting is the name of a mechanical surface treatment process.


The shot blasting machine can treat the surface of the steel to protect the surface of its luster, and at the same time

improve the anti-corrosion effect, especially the anti-corrosion of thick steel can reach a thickness of 5cm, and the

deep anti-corrosion effect of steel is obvious, the effect is obvious.


At the same time, it can also polish the surface of the steel to effectively clean up the impurities on the surface of the

steel to increase the friction, pressure resistance and service life of the steel surface. Especially after the steel is shot

blasted and sanded, the surface of the steel is not easy to be immersed by dirt. Can improve the cleanliness of steel.


It can be seen that shot blasting is an indispensable and important step for rust prevention of semi trailers.


7. How To Buy A Good Fence Semi Trailer ?


A. Trailer Chassis:

As the most important part of the trailer, the structure and strength of the beam directly affect the long-term stable use in

thelater stage. The weight of the chassis affects the weight of the entire trailer. TRUCKMAN AUTO fence semi trailer

chassis use the 355Mpa high strength steel, and adopt the submerged arc welding. Confirm the beam is not deformed

in later use.


B. Trailer Axle:

The stability of the axle is related to the attendance rate of the entire vehicle. TRUCKMAN AUTO only selects axles of

famous brands, such as ZY, FUWA, BPW etc. These brands have a low failure rate, low maintenance cost, and a high

degree of recognition in the market.


C. Suspension System:

The leaf spring is main parts for suspension, it’s also can influence the loading capacity. In the market there have

90x13mmx10pcs, 90x16mmx10pcs, 120x16mmx10pcs model leaf spring, and all most of factory use the 90x13mmx10pcs

for fence semi trailer. Although it enough to loading 50 tons, but considering the road conditions and fence semi trailer

sometimes overloaded, so 90x16mmx10pcs leaf spring is more suitable. It is well known that the price of replacing a leaf

spring is around $620, and the maintenance cost is very expensive! Thicker leaf springs are the best choice.

            90x13mmx10pcs                                        120x16mmx10pcs                                             90x16mmx10pcs


D. Tire:

The brand and pattern of tires also have a great influence on the price of semi trailers. Good brand tires are more

expensive than ordinary brands by $760 per semi trailer, and the price will be different for different patterns.

TRUCKMAN AUTO work with many famous brand, tires like LINGLONG have achieved 220,000km test results on

Chinese highways. The quality is very reliable.


E. Other Detail:

The small cover of the pipeline interface at the front end of the trailer is designed to protect the interface from wind

and rain. On the one hand and reduce the poor contact of the interface, on the other hand, it can also prevent damage

to the interface caused by external collisions. As the first line of defense for trailer safety, such a design is necessary.


8. Good Package For Fence Semi Trailer Shipment.


3 units fence semi trailers can be stacked together to reduce sea freight by removing the fence, like container semi trailers.

The fence will be placed in the semi trailer and reinforced to prevent loss.

                                                                       The staff is disassembling the fence