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All Kind Of TRUCKMAN Full Drawbar Trailer For Sale !


1. What Is Full Drawbar Trailer ?


The full drawbar trailer is a product specially designed to increase the transport weight of the cargo truck and dump truck,

connected to the truck through the front drawbar, the front truck supply power to tow the full drawbar trailer to transport

cargoes. Widely used in docks, factories, ports and other fields.


2. What Are The Advantages Of Full Drawbar Trailer ?


A. With wide range of uses, flexible work. The full drawbar trailer not only can transport the bulk cargo, construction

material, chemical liquid etc but also can haulage 20FT container.


B. Dump trucks, cargo truck or fuel tanker trucks can be equipped with a hooks at the rear of the chassis, thereby

pulling the full drawbar trailer, realizing double the amount of goods transported by a single vehicle in one way, and

creating the greatest economic benefits.


C. Compared with the combination of a tractor and a semi trailer, a full drawbar trailer is more flexible. For example,

the tractor and semi trailer cannot pull the goods on the return journey, and additional empty fares will be incurred.

However, the full drawbar trailer can be placed in the nearby warehouse or parking lot, and the cargo truck can

drive back to reduce the empty fare.


3. The Difference Between Full Drawbar Trailer and Semi Trailer.


A. Connection To The Tractor Truck:

Full drawbar trailer: The load is all borne by itself, and only hooks are used to connect with the tractor. The tractor does

not need to bear the trailer load, but only provides traction; Semi trailer: The tractor provides a support point and provides

power and needs to bear part of the trailer load.


B. Support Method:

Full drawbar trailer: It can stand upright on its own tires without supporting legs; Semi trailer: It must rely on the front legs.

The semi trailer is developed on the basis of the full drawbar trailer. The semi trailer is that the front half of the trailer rides

on the traction saddle above the rear section of the tractor, and the axle behind the tractor bears part of the weight

of the trailer.

                           Full Drawbar Trailer                                                                  Dump Semi Trailer


4. What Are The Types Of Full Drawbar Trailer ?


At present, there are flatbed drawbar trailer, sidewall drawbar trailer, fence cargo drawbar trailer, dump drawbar trailer,

fuel tank drawbar trailer. They are all products derived from the front tow truck, such as dump drawbar trailer, which is a

dump truck to meet the heavy load, add an unpowered cargo box and chassis running mechanism in the rear chassis.

So does the fuel tank drawbar trailer.


                                                                              Dump Drawbar Trailer


                                                                            Fuel Tank Drawbar Trailer


                                                                               Cargo Drawbar Trailer


5. Full Drawbar Trailer Hooks and Drawbar.


The Full drawbar trailer is connected to the front tractor trucks through hooks and drawbar, so these two parts are

especially important. The full drawbar trailer hooks produced by TRUCKMAN AUTO use the European tech, model is

DFQY-000 which have more durable advantage. and easy to disassemble. Drawbar uses reinforced thick material to

prevent accidental separation of full drwabar and tractor truck during transportation.


6. Special Super Link Full Trailer For Mongolia.


Some of our Mongolian customers want to be able to transport goods weighing up to 100 tons one way, and asked if we

could design such a product for them. Through continuous communication with factory designers and customers, this

super link full trailer is finally produced. This semi trailer is connected to the front semi trailer and tractor truck through

the saddle, which has a large amount of cargo and is easy to unload.


                                                              Super Link Full Trailer Design Drawing


7. Full Drawbar Trailer Hot Sale In Ethiopia Djibouti Somalia Eritrea.


TRUCKMAN AUTO's cargo full drawbar trailer is very popular in Ethiopia, many customers use it to transport crops to

Djibouti port, and transport two 20FT containers when returning to Ethiopia. TRUCKMAN AUTO has sold nearly 400 units

cargo full drawbar trailers to Ethiopia. The following is the feedback from our Ethiopian agent.