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TRUCKMAN AUTO Low Bed Trailer For Sale !


1. Pay Attention To The Following Information When Buying Low Bed Trailer.


When buying a low-flat semi-trailer, you should consider the manufacturer’s technology, the material of the

steel plate, the choice of spare parts brand, etc.


A. Trailer Manufacturer: There are many semi trailer manufacturers in China, and the production technology of

each manufacturer is different. From the design of the semi trailer to the quality of the production equipment, to

the production experience of the production workers, there are big differences. TRUCKMAN AUTO is a semi trailer

manufacturer with an annual export volume of 2,300 units. However, the price may be higher, because many

configurations and steel plate materials are selected from the best brands. Of course the quality is the most reliable !


B. Material Of The Steel Plate: Steel plates can be divided into three major categories by material: ordinary steel

plates, high strength steel plates, and manganese plates. The price of semi trailers made of ordinary steel plates

is generally low, at least $1500 cheaper than the prices of the other two steel plates. So when buying a semi trailer,

don't only pay attention to price, low price low bed semi trailers, the steel plate material used must be poor


C. Spare Parts Brand: The brand of the spare parts also has a great influence on the price. For example, an axle of a

good brand is $500 more expensive than an ordinary axle, and the price of the tire pattern of the same brand will also be

different. Of course, choosing famous brand spare parts also means that the quality will be better.

                                SINOTRUK HOWO 371HP Tractor Truck & 70 Tons Low Bed Semi Trailer.


2. What Are The Functions Of The Low Bed Semi Trailer ?


Suitable for transportation of a variety of machinery and equipment, large cargo, road construction equipment, large tanks,

power station equipment, etc. The lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, the stronger the ability to

transport ultra-high cargo and pass overhead obstacles.



                                                 3 Axle 70 Tons Low Bed Semi Trailer Design Drawing.


                                                            Gooseneck Low Bed Semi Trailer Design Drawing


                                                      4 Line 8 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer Design Drawing


3. What Are The Types Of Low Bed Semi Trailer ?


The low bed semi trailer including normal low flatbed trailer, detachable gooseneck low bed semi trailer, multi line and multi

axle low bed semi trailer etc. Among them, detachable gooseneck low bed semi trailer, multi line and multi axle low bed

semi trailer, suitable for carrying large tonnage goods, such as power stations, fan blades, mining equipment, etc.


A. Low Flatbed Semi Trailer: It is the most popular model low bed trailer, the loading tons from 30 tons to 80 tons.

Loading platform width usually 3000mm, height around 1000-1200mm. and mainly used for transport construction

machinery, like XCMG ZL50GN wheel loader, XS163J road roller, Caterpillar CAT320 excavator etc.


B. Detachable Gooseneck Low Bed Semi Trailer: Due to the this model low bed semi trailer gooseneck can removable,

the heavy duty machine can be directly load from the front, which is safer to load from the rear ladder compared to the

ordinary low flatbed semi trailer. And the loading and unloading speed is fast, the operation is also very simple.

Another advantage of this type low bed semi trailer is that the loading platform is more lower, so the center of

gravity will be lower, and the stability of the cargo will be stronger.


C. Multi Line And Multi Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer: This low bed semi trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulky

goods, such as heavy duty mining machinery. The axle quantity more the load will more, the load range is between

20-150 tons, and the center of gravity of the multi line and multi axle low bed semi trailer is lower, and the equipment

will be more stable when transporting. For the center of gravity of the vehicle, a radial tire with a small diameter and a 

large load capacity is generally installed. Each tire can withstand a load of about 4 tons under low-speed

operating conditions.


4. Why Choose TRUCKMAN AUTO Low Bed Semi Trailer ?


A. Material: In order to meet the needs of different road conditions, especially bad road conditions. TRUCKMAN AUTO’s

low flatbed semi trailer uses Q550 high-strength steel to replace the previous Q345 steel, This kind of steel has high

strength and good fatigue resistance, good corrosion resistance and certain wear resistance. Yield strength 

reached 550MPa. The service life is longer than Q345 over time, maintenance costs are also lower.


B. Trailer Main Beam & Side Beam Thickness Enhanced: The main beams and side beams are an important part of the

chassis of the low bed semi trailer. The widths of the main beam and side beams of the low bed semi trailer of

TRUCKMAN AUTO have been widened. The width of the main beam is 250mm, and the width of the side beam is 150mm.


TRUCKMAN AUTO also focuses on the matching of other parts of the chassis. For example, the axle adopts a 16 ton

heavy duty axle, the leaf springs and wheel rims are also thickened, and the tires are made of wear resistant famous

brand tires, etc.


5. What Is The Difference Between A Low Bed Trailer Mechanical Ladder and Hydraulic Ladder ?


The use of mechanical ladders procurement costs is low and maintenance costs also low, but it is very inconvenient to

operate, the ladders need to be manually lowered. The hydraulic ladder does not have to be so troublesome, and the

operation is simpler, saving time and effort. However, the procurement cost is high, and the ladder adopts hydraulic

equipment, once it is damaged, it will face high maintenance costs.



6. How To Save The Ocean Freight Of Low Bed Semi Trailer ?


Due to the Corona Virus in the past two years, various shipping companies' fees have risen, and many ports have

no ships, causing freight rates to rise several times! However, through careful discussion with the freight forwarder,

TRUCKMAN AUTO finally got good ways to help customers save freight, as follow:


The ocean freight for bulky products is calculated based on the length, width, and height of the goods. The size of

a single low bed semi trailer is about 13000x3000x1800mm, 70.2m3. However, TRUCKMAN AUTO stacks 2 or 3 low bed

semi trailers together and reduces the overall volume saves customers a lot of shipping costs. Since the strapping of

the low bed semi trailer needs steel wire to fix it, it cannot avoid the iron wire from damaging the trailer body paint,

but TRUCKMAN AUTO uses rubber pads to pad the steel wire and the trailer body to avoid this problem.


7. Low Bed Semi Trailer Working Picture.


TRUCKMAN AUTO low bed semi trailer can transport all kind of cargoes, such as prefabs, heavy duty construction,

mining machinery, power station etc. the picture is from our customers feedback. Please check the attached picture.

TRUCKMAN AUTO can produce different types of low bed semi trailers according to customer requirements.


                                         3 axle 50 tons low bed semi trailer transport bulldozer.


                                          3 axle 70 tons low bed semi trailer haulage excavator.


                                            3 axle 6 line low bed semi trailer delivery power station.


8. TRUCKMAN AUTO Low Bed Semi Trailer For Sale In Lubumbashi City.


The two units low bed semi trailers were sent to the Congo, and the customer was the local semi trailer agent of

TRUCKMAN AUTO. The customer used to rent construction machinery. However, the customer's friend wanted to buy a

low bed semi trailer to transport the excavator, and then the customer purchased 3 units semi trailers from

TRUCKMAN AUTO. Through the feedback of customers' friends, the customers felt that the quality of

TRUCKMAN AUTO trailer was very good. In addition, the local city of Lubumbashi had a great demand for

the semi trailer market, so the customer began to plan to represent the semi trailer of TRUCKMAN AUTO.