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We also could accept the custom service. You could send your semi trailer request, we will design the trailer draft for your reference.


Such as, one of our Africa customer ask if we could design the cargo truck could transport the 20FT container and pull one container trailer. According to customers request, we make the truck and trailer design draft. And after discussion and revision over and over we confirm the all truck and trailer specification. Within 20 days effort, we completed the production of the first truck and trailers. The detail as follow:



-1. With Two Beds Cabin.

The trucks need to run 500 kilometers to transport containers each time, so we suggest the customers choose two beds cabin let three drivers rest.



-2. Cargo Box With Container Lock.

If transport the container must choose the container lock. See picture



-3. Full Cargo Trailer.

Due to the truck need pull one 20FT container, so the full cargo trailer it’s could be best choose. It’s will utmost save cost, and the pull rod for full cargo trailer easily connect with cargo trucks.