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Before Buying A Dump Trailer, You Need To Know The Following Information:


1. What Is The Function Of The Dump Semi Trailer ?


Dump semi trailer are suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo such as coal, ore, sand and gravel, and soil building

materials. It is mainly composed of hydraulic tilt mechanism, front lift mechanism, hydraulic cylinder, power take-off,

pneumatic control distribution valve, air hole control valve, oil pump drive shaft, automatic lift prevention alarm device

during driving, limit valve, carriage, and automatic opening of the rear door combination mechanism, trailer safety brace,

follower frame, balance frame and trailer safety restraint cable.


2. 6 Axle Dump Semi Trailer Design Drawings & Specification.


TRUCKMAN AUTO produce all model of dump semi trailer, here attached new model heavy duty loading 6 axle dump

semi trailer design drawing for your reference and review.


Dimension: 12500x2580x3950mm.

Loading capacity: 80-100 tons.

Axles: 6 axles, 6x16 tons. Front 3 axle can lifting.

Tire: 18 units, 315/80R22.5 and 385/60R22.5.

Cargo Box: 11000x2400x1700mm, 45 cubic meter.

Rim: thickness enhanced, 18mm. Golden yellow color.

Suspension: Heavy duty air and mechanical suspension.

Spring Leaf: 120(W)mmx16(Thickness)mmx10 layers (thickness enhanced).

King Pin: JOST brand, 90#, 3.5 inch.

Landing Gear: JOST brand 28tons, double-speed.

Main Beam: Height: 500mm, Upper plate: 18mm, Middle plate: 8+8mm, Bottom plate: 20mm.

Brake Chamber: WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 spring brake chamber(TKL brand),

Light: LED light


This is 6 axle dump semi trailer specification, only for your reference.


3. What Are The Advantages Of TRUCKMAN AUTO Dump Semi Trailer ?


From product design and development, production process, shipment and after-sales service, our sales are very

professional. They will recommend a suitable semi trailer according to the working condition of the dump semi trailer,

and will pay attention to the rust problem during the shipment process, and provide timely and professional

after-sales service feedback.


A. Enhanced Thickness Of Dump Semi Trailer Chassis Parts:

The TRUCKMAN AUTO dump semi trailer is suitable for very bad road conditions, because we have strengthened the

thickness of the tire rim and the leaf spring. The tire rim is 18mm thick and the leaf spring is designed with

120x16mmx10layer In addition, the thickness of the main beam and the side beam is 2mm thicker than the thickness

of the dump semi trailer of other factories.


B. Perfect Shipment:


Since the main material of the dump semi trailer is iron, humid air and sea water during the shipping process will cause

rust problems to the dump semi-trailer. However, TRUCKMAN AUTO's dump semi trailer does not have this problem,

because we spray wax on the dump semi trailer before the departure, and after loading it on the ship, it will be covered

with two layers of tarpaulin and two layers of mesh. The tarp and mesh will perfectly wrap the entire dump semi trailer

and isolate the influence of sea water and humid air on the vehicle.


4. What Are The Unloading Methods Of Dump Semi Trailer ?


There are two main types of dump semi trailer unloading methods, side unloading and rear unloading, both methods have

their own advantages and disadvantages, as follow:


A. Requirements For Terrain:

The rear unloading dump semi trailer requires a large, wide and flat unloading site.The side unloading dump semi trailer

requires a flat unloading site only.


B. Rollover Accident:

Compared with rear unloading dump semi trailer, the side unloading dump semi trailer rollover accident is low.


C. Unloading Residual Degree:

The rear unloading dump semi trailer has low unloading residue and quicker unloading time.


D. Purchase Cost:

The purchase cost of the side unloading dump semi trailer is low, and the maintenance is also convenient.


5. What Are The Cargo Box Types Of Dump Semi Trailer ?


The cargo box types of dump semi trailers are rectangular bucket and U-shaped bucket. U shape bucket have

many advantage compare with rectangular shape bucket, as follow:


A. U Shape Bucket: Among them, the U-shaped bucket is suitable for transporting sand, clay and other goods. Because

the corners of the U-shaped bucket are curved transitions, there are no dead corners, and it is not easy to stick to the

box body during unloading. In addition, through the use of high-strength plates and structural optimization, the U-shaped

bucket not only ensures the strength of the box, but also reduces its own weight. The thickness of the board is reduced

by about 20%, which effectively improves the load utilization factor. In addition, the center of gravity of the U-bucket is

low, and the overturning rate of the vehicle in high-speed turns is also low, which is safer.


B. Rectangular Bucket: With low purchase cost, convenient maintenance, simple structure, suitable for general cargo

transportation, such as sand and gravel, etc.


6. What Are The Differences Between Dump Trucks And Dump Semi Trailer ?


A. The Weight Of The Cargo Carried Is Different:

The size of the dump truck itself is small, and the weight of the loaded cargo is also small when carrying the cargo.

Because of the small body, the operation is very convenient, the dump truck is very convenient to carry goods drive

at the road is narrow and rugged road. However, if it is a large coal mine or a large-scale project, truck freight requires

much and more labor cost than dump semi trailers. Dump semi trailers are more suitable for use in these aspects,

and the carrying capacity is several times that of dump truck each time. Can shorten the engineering time,

can improve the efficiency.


B. Different Dumping Methods:

The coal mine needs to be transported to a certain place, and then loaded and unloaded. The dump truck only can

unloading goods via read unloading type It is inconvenient, which requires the dump truck to adjust. Unload the goods in

accordance with the regulations. Due to the limitation of the site, it is very inconvenient to unload the goods. However,

side unloading dump semi trailer will be no inconvenience due to the site, and it is more convenient to unload the goods.



The dump truck suitable for small cargo and short distance transport, and dump semi trailer suitable for large goods and

long distance transport, no working site request.


7. Lifting Cylinder Of Dump Semi Trailer.


The lifting cylinder is one of the important parts of the dump semi trailer. It is related to whether the dump semi trailer

can be lifted normally.



A. Components Of Lifting Cylinder: The main components include: power take-off, hydraulic pump, lift valve, air control

valve, limit valve, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic oil tanks, high and low pressure oil pipes, etc.


B. Way Of Working: The hydraulic lifting cylinder of the dump semi trailer is: operating the main vehicle gearbox power

take-off device to drive the hydraulic pump to work. The hydraulic pump sucks the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank

through the low-pressure oil inlet pipe and produces high-pressure oil for output. The gear pump outputs The

high-pressure oil enters the lift valve through the high-pressure oil pipe, and the lift valve delivers the high-pressure

oil to the oil cylinder or drains to the hydraulic oil tank under the control of the air control valve to realize the lifting,

stopping and lowering functions of the hydraulic oil cylinder.


8. What Matters Should Be Paid Attention To When Operating A Dump Semi Trailer ?


When the dump semi trailer is fully raised, the height can reach more than 10 meters. At this time, the center of gravity

of the entire car will shift to the highest point, improper operation can easily cause overturning and casualties.

Please observe the following rules and operate safely.


9. 6 Axle Dump Semi Trailer Feedback From Ghana Customers.


Ghanaian customers bought 10 sets of tractor truck and dump semi trailers from us. These vehicles are used to

transport bauxite, limestone, coal, etc. The transportation distance is about 200 kilometers and the load capacity is 80 tons.

We recommended the 6 axle dump semi trailer to our customers, and we also let customers visit other customers' vehicles.

The customers are very satisfied with our products.


Now these vehicles have been in operation for 2 years, and there are no other major problems except for normal

maintenance and replacement of some fast moving parts. The customer soon purchased 4 sets of tractor truck and

dump semi trailers again to expand his other transportation business.


10. 6 Axle Dump Semi Trailer Is On Sale In Ghana.



As the local mineral resources have been greatly developed, Ghana's transportation market prospects in recent years are

very good. TRUCKMAN AUTO 6 axle dump semi trailer is very popular in Ghana. It uses FUWA axles, LINGLONG tires

and reinforced chassis parts. Welcome to contact us for more information.