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1. What Is A Prime Mover Truck ?


A prime mover truck is a tool vehicle. The front of the prime mover truck can be separated from the semi trailer

behind it. It is not limited to towing one type of semi trailer, but can tow various types of semi trailers. Such as

tank semi trailer, container semi trailer, dump semi trailer, etc.


2. SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck.


Sinotruk is a well-known truck manufacturer in China, and has won many honors such as the top 500 Chinese enterprises.

For 15 consecutive years, it has ranked first in the truck export industry, and the HOWO series of prime mover truck

produced are sold nearly 500,000 units per year. The overseas market share of the HOWO series of prime mover truck

has reached 70%, the price is reasonable and the quality is reliable, which is welcomed by the majority of customers.


                           HOWO A7 Prime Mover Truck                                                       HOWO Prime Mover Truck 


3. SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck With 371HP & 420HP Engine.


Our TRUCKMAN AUTO's Sinotruk Howo tractor has two models of engine horsepower, 371 and 420. The 371 horsepower

engine is suitable for towing 50-70 tons of goods, and the 420 horsepower engine is suitable for towing 70-100 tons of

goods. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose a 420-horsepower engine. Because the 420

horsepower engine will be more fuel efficient when pulling the same weight of cargo.


                            WD615.47 371HP Engine                                                      D12.42-20 420HP Engine


4. One Bed Cabin Is Good Or Two Beds Cabin Is Better ?


As we all know, SINOTRUK HOWO prime mover truck have two model cabin, HW76 and HW79. HW76 cabin only have

1 bed, and cabin height is lower than HW79 cabin. and HW79 cabin have two beds.


So how we should choose the suitable truck cabin ? As you know long-distance transportation requires the cooperation

of multiple drivers. For example, 100km-500km transportation distance requires 2-3 drivers, and more than 500km

requires 4 drivers. Therefore, you can choose HW76 single bed cab for short-distance transportation, and HW79

double bed cab for long-distance transportation.



                                          HW76 One Bed Cabin                                                                HW79 Two Bed Cabin


5. Big Fuel Tank Support For Long Distance Transportation.


There are very few gas stations in many African countries, and it is very inconvenient to refuel. Our SINOTRUK HOWO

prime mover truck fuel tank capacity normal is 400L, but for the long distance transportation and no refueling troubles,

the extra 400L, 600L even 1000L fuel tank can optional, to meet your transportation request.


This truck picture is from our Zambian customers, he need transport all kind of goods from Dar Es Salaam port to

Lusaka city, and adopt our suggest add extra 600L fuel tank for long distance transportation.


                   400L Fuel Tank                                          600L Fuel Tank                                    1000L Fuel Tank


6. Different Model Tire For SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck.


To meet different road and work request, we match different model tire for SINOTRUK HOWO prime mover truck.

For example, in some hot areas, we will recommend customers to use tires without inner tube, model 315/80R22.5,

13R22.5, etc. Tubeless tires are not easy to blow out in the case of high temperature operation. However, when the

prime mover truck is transporting mineral materials in the mining area, the tubeless tires are not suitable.

Need to choose wear-resistant steel tires, 12.00R20. Usually steel tires are used on dump trucks.


                             Tubeless Model Tire                                                                   Radial Model Tire


7. SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck With All Kind Of Semi Trailer.


As we mentioned earlier, our SINOTRUK HOWO prime mover truck can tow all kinds of semi-trailers,

pictures are attached for your reference:


                                        SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck With Fuel Tank Trailer.


                                            SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck With Container Trailer.


                                                SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck With Dump Trailer.


8. SINOTRUK HOWO Prime Mover Truck Shipment Detail.


Due to the impact of the coronavirus, sea freight is very expensive now, and shipment delays. In order to save costs for

customers, currently bulk cargo vessel and container flat rack vessels are most recommended.


Both types of boats have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as:


The advantage of bulk cargo vessel is that the freight is the cheapest and there are many flights. The disadvantage is

that the shipping schedule is not stable, and the goods are easy to rust.


                                                                         Shipment Via Bulk Cargo Vessel.


The advantages of container flat rack vessel are stable shipping schedule and short transportation time. The disadvantage

is that the shipping is too expensive!


                                                             Shipment Via Container Flat Rack Vessel.


At present, TRUCKMAN AUTO has successfully solved the rust problem of trucks when shipment via bulk cargo vessel.

We have double-protected the vehicles by spraying wax and covering with waterproof raincoats. When customers receive

the truck, they said truck no place rust.


                                                                    Spray Wax Cover The Raincoats