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China Brand New Container Side Loader Trailer Manufacturer & Factory.


1. What Is Container Side Loader Trailer ?


The container side crane semi-trailer operates the loading and unloading of containers through its own two cranes.

Suitable for port freight transfer stations, railway container handling stations, warehouses and other places that lack

spreaders. It is very suitable for island countries, such as Mauritius, Solomon and other countries, and its "fast, flexible,

efficient and convenient" characteristics have been more and more recognized and recognized.


2. Container Side Loader Trailer Specification & Design Drawing.


Axles: 3 axles, 16 tons axle

Tire: 12R22.5, 12 pcs

Material: Q355 high strength steel

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical suspension, enhanced version

Bottom Platform: 3mm thick checkered plate

King Pin: 90# heavy duty version

Landing Gear: JOST 28 tons

Brake System: WABCO

Electrical System: 24V, LED lights

Crane Model: MQH37

Crane Lift Tons: 37000kg

Application: 2x20FT container or 1x40FT container


                                                      40FT Container Side Loader Trailer Design Drawing.



                                                                   37 Tons Crane Specification & Details


3. Characteristics Of Container Side Loader Trailer.


A. It can load and unload containers of 20ft or 40ft through the sliding of the front and rear cranes. It has a wide range

of applications and good versatility, which greatly expands the use of the equipment.


B. The whole vehicle is powered by an independent engine with adjustable speed, and the hydraulic oil output by the

double pump is after passing through the confluence valve group, it is transported to the multi-way valve group of the

front and rear side cranes connected in series to drive the respective actuators, which has a wider range of linkage

adaptability, which greatly ensures the stability and reliability of the hoisting process.


C. The chain twist lock mechanism for container loading and unloading, the twist lock is automatically rotated and locked

in the container corner pieces during the packing operation, and will not fall off, ensuring the safety during operation;

during transportation, the twist lock can still be automatically locked through the limit device , which relieves the

repetition of the operator's transportation and unloading of the chain and the unloading and loading of the chain,

and greatly improves the safety during driving; after the operation is completed, by optimizing the movement

trajectory of the lifting point and the position of the chain, the lifting of the chain during the recovery process of the

boom is realized. The automatic storage greatly improves the comfort of operation and the safety of the whole vehicle.


D. During the operation of the whole machine, there is an intelligent anti-tipping protection system on one side of the

outrigger to monitor the stability of the whole machine in real time. If there is a danger of tilting, it can automatically alarm

and effectively lock; The container enters the hazardous area.


4. Request For Tractor Truck Head.


A. The model of the traction pin is 90#;

B. The traction pin needs to match the leaf spring suspension;

C. The no-load ground clearance of the traction seat is 12901325mm, which is matched with the semi-trailer;

D. Front clearance radius ≥2500mm, rear turning radius ≤2250mm;

E. The actual total mass of the semi trailer should be able to reach 50000kg or more;

F. Power take-off with 8-tooth internal spline output (output torque not less than 500Nm, directly connected to the pump);



5. Other Model Of Container Side Loader Trailer & Truck.


At present, TRUCKMAN AUTO has 20FT container side lift semi-trailer, 40FT container side lift semi-trailer and container

side lift truck. Different working conditions and customer requirements have been met.


20FT container side loader trailer can only transport one 20FT container. Compared with the 40FT container side loader

trailer, this semi trailer is suitable for short- and medium-distance transportation, and the procurement cost is low.


Our customers have consulted us before, using trucks to transport containers, and also let the trucks have the ability to

load and unload containers? So we fed back the customer's requirements to the factory and launched this

SINOTRUK HOWO 8x4 container transport truck with crane. The crane is powered by the gearbox PTO for loading

and unloading of containers.


6. Container Side Loader Trailer Feedback From Tanzania Customers


TRUCKMAN AUTO sold 1 unit 40FT container side loader trailer to Tanzania in June last year. Today, we received

feedback from customers and the customer told us that we are going to buy 2 units semi trailers again to meet his

transportation business needs.


The customer is very satisfied with the quality of TRUCKMAN AUTO's semi trailers. The customer told us that he had

asked many suppliers before buying a semi trailer, but only TRUCKMAN AUTO impressed him. Because many

suppliers would tell him how good their products are Good, but in fact he doesn't know much about semi trailers and

is not familiar with the trailer configuration. However, we told customers that the road conditions in Africa are not very good

and the semi trailer chassis must be strong and durable. 8mm thick heavy duty suspension, 90x16mmx10pcs thick

leaf springs, etc., are all standard configurations of TRUCKMAN AUTO semi trailers. Although 6mm thick suspension

and 90x13mmx10pcs are much cheaper, but considering the long-term use and maintenance costs, it is not cheap at all.


7. Container Side Loader Trailer Shipment Picture.


For different national ports, we will recommend suitable routes to help you save freight and receive the goods ASAP.


The RO-RO vessel is very suitable for semi trailer transportation. The shipping company will put the semi trailer in the

cabin,which has an 80% chance to reduce the risk of rust. Since the semi trailer is pulled directly from the cabin after

arriving at theport, the unloading speed is fast and the operating cost at the destination port is low.

However there are fewer RORO vessel.


                                                                        Shipment Via RORO Vessel.


Container flat rack vessel also have quickly sailing time, but the freight is expensive and the operation fee at the

destination port is also high ! Ports without bulk cargo vessel and RORO vessel can only choose this mode of

transportation, and the freight will be very expensive compared to bulk cargo vessel !


                                                           Shipment Via Container Flat Rack Vessel.


8. TRUCKMAN AUTO Container Side Loader Trailer Operation Video.


The whole vehicle is reasonably matched with the combination of remote wireless control remote controller and advanced

load-sensing electro-hydraulic proportional multi-way valve with pre-valve pressure compensation. The remote control

operation is safe, comfortable and convenient. The remote control panel and handle are human-oriented and conform

to the movement trend of the machine; proportional control realizes stepless speed regulation, ensures the smooth

operation of the whole machine, and can precisely control the subtle movements.


                                                 Container Side Loader Trailer Operation Handle.