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1. What Is A Refrigerator Semi Trailer ?


The refrigerator semi trailer body is a closed box, which is mainly used in the cold chain transportation industry to

transport goods that require high temperature and freshness, such as fruits and vegetables, pork, seafood, eggs and

other items. The refrigerator semi trailer is mainly composed of a trailer chassis, a thermal insulation box, a refrigeration

device and various accessories. According to different use requirements, ventilation devices, refrigeration devices,

shelves, suspension devices, item fixing devices, etc. can be added.


2. What Are The Advantages Of Refrigerator Semi Trailer ?


A. The temperature difference of the goods is ±1°, and the transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables is almost zero loss,

which improves the transportation efficiency.

B. The fuel saving rate of transportation is increased by about 20%, which greatly reduces the transportation loss.

C. The length of the Refrigerator semi trailer can reach 13.5 meters to 15 meters, which can load more goods and improve

the comprehensive economic benefits of road transportation.

D. For fresh food, must use the Refrigerator semi trailer transport, and the supply of goods is relatively stable.


3. How To Choose A Refrigerator Semi Trailer ?


A. Chassis: In addition to considering the type, weight, and volume of the goods to be transported, the bearing capacity

and reliability of the chassis should also be comprehensively considered. Reduce or avoid malfunctions, so as to avoid

deterioration of the goods and economic losses.

B. Body: Focus on the water absorption, air permeability, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. of the body

material, and it needs to have good sealing and thermal insulation.

C. Refrigeration unit: It is recommended to use a non-independent unit for short-distance distribution, and an independent

unit is recommended for medium and long-distance transportation.


4. TRUCKMAN AUTO Refrigerator Semi Trailer Body Features.


A. All-close panel, adhesive structure with the type of building block, Freon-free polyurethane vesicant material is our

innovation, which are very different from traditional open sandwich panel with connect by metals, injected polyurethane

at site with Freon. At last, finish the production by heating, vacuum and pressure using special equipment.

B. With high strength, light in weight, anti-corrosion, non-pollution, easy repair, long life, excellent insulation etc advantage.

C. The standard refrigerated box is 105mm (roof & floor panel) and 82mm (Side panel) . Material: the external is made

of GRP and the internal is polyurethane foam.



5. Refrigerator Semi Trailer Thermo King Brand Refrigerated.


Thermo King has been going green all the way in both passenger air conditioning and refrigerated transportation. As

one of the largest mobile temperature control system manufacturers in the world, coolking is the only supplier that can

use the R407C system for buses and coaches, and has accumulated a lot of experience in using the R407C system.


Compared with R134a, an environmentally friendly air conditioner refrigerant, R407C is a more efficient refrigerant.

With proper system design, the R407C system is 15% more efficient than the R134a system, and the energy efficiency

ratio of the compressor can be improved by up to 20% when the torque is increased. Especially according to the

experimental results, after the same air conditioning system is converted from R134a to R407C system, about 1 liter

of oil can be saved per 100 kilometers.