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TRUCKMAN AUTO Brand Cement Tank Trailer Detail.


1. How Cement Tanker Trailer Works ?


The cement tanker trailer uses the power of its own engine to drive the on-board air compressor through the power

take-off, and sends the compressed air into the air chamber at the lower part of the sealed tank through the pipeline,

so that the fluidized cement is suspended into a fluid state. Due to the inside and outside of the tank There is a pressure

difference. When unloading the material, open the valve, and the dust material will be transported to the designated

position along the unloading pipeline with the air.



2. Cement Tanker Trailer Specification & Design Drawing ?


The cement tanker trailer specification only for your reference and review, we can design the trailer according to your request.


Axles: 3 axles, 16 tons axle.

Tire: 12R22.5, 12 pcs.

Material: Q355 high strength steel.

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical suspension, enhanced version.

Tank Body: 40-50m3, V shape.

King Pin: 90# heavy duty version.

Landing Gear: JOST 28 tons.

Brake System: WABCO brand, 6 pcs brake chamber.

Electrical System: 24V, LED lights.



                                                   3 Axle 50m3 Cement Tanker Trailer Design Drawing


3. TRUCKMAN AUTO Cement Tank Trailer Features.


A. The tank body is 4mm thick and the head is 5mm thick. The tank body is made of high strength steel,

which is durable. The tank body is welded by CO2 gas shielded automatic welding. The welding quality is

reliable and the appearance is beautiful.


B. Built-in new air-belt fluidized bed design, the fluidized bed angle of the tank has been determined by many tests, the

feeding speed is faster, and the residual rate is extremely low.


C. The tank body is designed with "W" or "V" shape, and the internal groove angle is large, which increases the effective

volume of the tank body, and at the same time greatly improves the ash removal speed and reduces the residual ash rate.


D. The tank body has been shot blast peened, with strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform paint, bright

and lasting color, and can withstand adverse environments such as humidity, dust, and salt spray. There will be no

cracking, peeling, fading and other problems during the 5-year use period, which not only improves the aesthetics

of the product, but also effectively prevents corrosion.


4. Why Use Cement Tanker Trailer To Transport Cement Ash ?


A. Since the cement material is transported in tanks, it no longer needs paper packaging, so it can not only save

manpower and improve labor productivity during transportation, but also save raw materials and reduce

transportation costs.


B. This transportation method also solves the problem that bulk cement is easily damped, so that the cement material

can be stored in the tank for one year without deterioration.


5. How To Choose Suitable Cement Tank Trailer ?


The engine and air compressor are important components to make the cement tanker trailer work normally.

Be sure to choose a brand with reliable quality.


Like the engine TRUCKMAN AUTO adopts the 4-cylinder piston 4102 diesel engine of WEICHAI brand, WEICHAI is

the best engine manufacturer in China and a Fortune 500 company. Reliable quality and easy maintenance.

In addition, Bohai brand is recommended for air compressors. The air compressors of this brand have a market share

of 87% in China. They are highly recognized by the market and easy to find spare parts.


6. Paid Attention To The Following Matters.


A. Do not run at overspeed or overpressure when driving a cement tanker trailer. Overspeed and overpressure will

seriously damage the air compressor.


B. Do not start or stop the air compressor quickly, but increase or decelerate slowly, otherwise, the punching force

will damage the air compressor.


C. Do not change the rotation direction of the air compressor, otherwise, the machine will be seriously damaged

if the oil pump does not supply oil.


D. Do not stop the air compressor before decompression, otherwise, the powder material may flow back into the

cylinder, causing serious damage to the air compressor.


E. Check the oil level before working. The oil level should not be lower than the lower limit of the oil mark; it is

necessary to check whether the oil pump is supplying oil frequently.


F. Check and clean the oil filter. Under normal circumstances, it should be checked and cleaned once a quarter.

If the machine usage rate is high, it should be checked and cleaned once a month.


G. It is forbidden to mix different grades of lubricating oil, otherwise the deterioration of lubricating oil will affect

the lubricating effect.


H. Maintain and clean the air filter every 30 hours of operation. While rotating the filter element, blow it from the

inside to the outside with compressed air with a pressure less than 0.6MPa. After five maintenances, please

replace the filter element with a new one.


7. TRUCKMAN AUTO Cement Tanker Trailer Detail Picture.


The cement tanker trailer body is mainly composed of a tank body, a feeding port, a fluidized bed, a discharge pipe

assembly, an air intake pipe and other accessories. The top of the tank is equipped with two or three feeding ports.

There is an air intake pipe in the front and rear air chambers of the cement tanker trailer, and the functions of

simultaneous opening and independent control can be realized respectively through the ball valve.


8. Shipment Type Of Cement Tanker Trailer.


Cement tanker trailer can be shipped by bulk cargo vessel, container flat rack vessel. We will recommend the most

suitabletransportation plan for you, which will help you save freight and protect the cement tanker trailer to prevent bumps,

rust, lost parts, etc issue.


A. Shipment Via Bulk Cargo Vessel: Bulk cargo vessel have the cheapest freight and the longest shipping schedule,

but bulk cargo vessel take longer to transport, take longer to call at the port, and take longer to unload.

                                            Cement Tanker Trailer Shipment Via Bulk Cargo Vessel.


B. Shipment Via Container Flat Rack Vessel: Some countries ports do not have bulk cargo vessel, but there are

container flat rack vessels directly to the port. Although the freight is higher than that of bulk cargo vessel, it can save

transportation time, make the semi trailer put into use as soon as possible, and create economic benefits.

                                        Cement Tanker Trailer Shipment Via Container Flat Rack Vessel.



                                   Cement Tanker Trailer Engine & Air Compressor Cover By Raincoat