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48m3 Fuel Tanker Trailer
48m3 Fuel Tanker Trailer 48m3 Fuel Tanker Trailer 48m3 Fuel Tanker Trailer

48m3 Fuel Tanker Trailer

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48m3 fuel tanker trailer mainly used to transport liquid, powder, granular, gas and other items with a certain degree of liquidity, and tanker semi-trailer has many advantages, more suitable for chemical liquid and other items of circulation. With high transport efficiency, low transport costs, facilitate safe transport, materials are not easy to deteriorate, etc.

Product Description

48000 Liter Fuel Tanker Trailer Tanker Body Compartment


The 48m3 oil tanker trailer tanker body is 6 pcs, each compartment can loading 8000 liter different liquid. And with separate piping is installed and each bin requires an aluminum tank opening (manhole) so that only the valves of each bin need to be opened separately when loading and unloading oil. Also each compartment with separate wave plate, the function of wave plate is reduce the fluctuation and impact of the liquid inside the tank to improve the stability of the tanker.



48m3 Fuel Tanker Trailer Breathing Valve Function


Breathing valve is a safety device to ensure normal breathing in the tank, it can not only maintain the balance of air pressure in the tank to ensure that the tank is protected from damage when over pressure or vacuum, and can minimize the discharge of media in the tank to reduce environmental pollution. When the medium pressure inside the tank is within the control operating pressure of the breathing valve, the breathing valve does not work to keep the tank airtight. When the medium is replenished inside the tank, the pressure in the upper gas space inside the tank rises and reaches the positive operating pressure of the breathing valve, the positive pressure valve disc is opened and the gas escapes from the breathing valve outlet so that the pressure inside the tank does not continue to rise.



48000 Liter Fuel Tanker Trailer Specification



Parameter Value

Product Name

48000 liter oil tanker trailer


Transport all kind chemical liquid


Heavy duty mechanical and air model


3 axle, 3x16 ton heavy duty axle


315/80R22.5, 12R22.5, 12.00R20

Leaf Spring

90x16mmx10pcsx6sets, 60# steel


Polyurethane paint

Tractor Pin

90#, JOST brand

Tanker Body





The 48m3 fuel tanker trailer specification only for your reference, we can manufacture other model fuel tanker trailer basic your request.

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