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80 Tons Tipper Trailer
80 Tons Tipper Trailer 80 Tons Tipper Trailer 80 Tons Tipper Trailer

80 Tons Tipper Trailer

Product ID : TAM380TTS
Product Tags : Tipper Semi Trailer
Product Attributes :

Use the manganese plate material, the cargo box height reach to 1.7m, length is 10m, width is 2.3m. Total loading weight reach to 80 tons. The main parts like axle use the FUWA brand, tire is TRIANGLE brand 315/80R22.5 tubeless model. And supply warranty for these parts, 24h tech service support.

Product Description

80 Tons Tipper Trailer Features


1. Cargo box can side lifting and rear lifting.

2. Cargo box shape have rectangle and U shape.

3. High lifting force and improved lateral stability.

4. Equipped with WABCO braking system, fast braking speed.



80 Tons Tipper Trailer Specification



Parameter Value

Product Name

80 Tons Tipper Trailer


Mining material transport


3 axle, 3x16 tons, FUWA brand


12.00R20, 12 pcs, radial model

Support Leg

FUWA brand, 80 tons support leg

Tractor Pin

3.5 inch, JOST brand

Brake System

WABCO brand



Loading Ton





The 80 tons tipper trailer specification only for your reference, we can manufacture other model tipper trailer basic your request.


80 Tons Tipper Trailer Gooseneck


The Tipper trailer gooseneck adopt the automatic submerged welding tech. Use of gooseneck main beam effectively reduces the height of the bearing surface of the vehicle, lowering the center of gravity of the goods during transportation, while greatly reducing the possibility of the vehicle overturning when the customer unloads the goods, improving the stability and safety of the vehicle operation.





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