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42000L Petrol Tanker Semi Trailer
42000L Petrol Tanker Semi Trailer 42000L Petrol Tanker Semi Trailer 42000L Petrol Tanker Semi Trailer

42000L Petrol Tanker Semi Trailer

Product ID : TMA350TO123OT
Product Tags : Fuel Tanker Trailer
Product Attributes :

Advantage 1: Lightweight aluminum alloy tanker

Advantage 2: Corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy tanker

Advantage 3: Good material strength

Advantage 4: High recycling value

Advantage five: environmental protection

Product Description

Basic configuration of aluminum alloy semi-trailer tanker

1. The tank body is made of 5083 aluminum alloy;

2. Tank head 7mm, cylinder 6mm, anti-wave board 5mm, sub-storage board 6mm;

3. The axle adopts 13 tons Fuwa Bridge, 16 tons brake pads and ABS;

4. The tire adopts: 12R22.5 tubeless tire with 12 ordinary steel rims;

5. Adopt spring steel plate type mechanical suspension;

6. The sub-beam adopts high-strength steel;

7. Aluminum alloy complete set of European standard (including two European standard tank ports, one submarine valve, one set of oil and gas recovery, and download oil);

8. Accessories: rear bumper, movable guardrail, a tool box, a European standard export box, and the side guardrail is made of aluminum alloy;

9. 1 600L galvanized water tank, 2 spare tire racks, 28 ton outriggers, 2 8kg fire extinguishers, 3 notice boards.

10. Imported cyan lacquer on natural surface, 3M reflective tape

Optional configuration of aluminum alloy semi-trailer tanker

1. Sub-warehouse: without European standard sub-warehouse, with European standard sub-warehouse

2. Axle: BPW bridge or Huajin bridge can be selected

3. Air suspension: optional aluminum alloy sub-beam

  a, Fuhua Air Suspension

  b, BPW air suspension

  c, Huajin air suspension

4. Tires: optional double money, Bridgestone, triangle

5. Steel ring: ordinary aluminum alloy steel ring, Zhengxing aluminum alloy steel ring can be selected

6. Outrigger: optional Jost, Fuhua

7. Water tank: aluminum alloy water tank, tank top with water tank

8. Discharge port: increase single outlet and double outlet (subsea valve, pipeline, discharge assembly, outlet box)

9, optional pneumatic guardrail

Oil Tank configuration:

Tank materials:5083 aluminum alloy

Standard configuration for bodywork:

2 European standard tank ports, emergency shut-off valve, bottom-loading oil port, oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow probe

Hanging body selection:

  Self-priming and self-draining pump, sub-cabin, multiple discharge ports, water tank, aluminum alloy steel ring, BPW axle


  Ladder, guardrail, walkway, reflector, reflector, safety notice board, oil pipeline, aluminum alloy anti-skid net/tool box/pump box

①Aluminum alloy wheels: lightweight wheels, less weight, and more cargo. The high-strength aluminum alloy wheels have good wear resistance and good heat dissipation, which can prolong the service life of the tire.

②Aluminum alloy toolbox: One of the lightweight design of the whole vehicle, which reduces the weight of the body, looks good, and is easy to clean.

③Aluminum alloy loading and unloading box: one of the lightweight design of the whole vehicle, a fully enclosed aluminum alloy loading and unloading protective box, which can be divided into multiple cabins.

④ Welding seam: the neat and uniform aluminum alloy welding seam is formed by the automatic welding machine at one time, and the welding seam is uniform, so that the force on the welding place is more uniform. Excellent welding technology makes the tank more reliable and reliable.


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