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How About The TRUCKMAN AUTO Oil Tank Trailer ?


1. What Are The Materials Of The Oil Tank Trailer ?


The main materials of oil tank trailers include carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Since carbon steel

is the cheapest material, it is also the most used material. But considering the economy, we mainly recommend

aluminum alloy oil tank trailers. The advantages of this material are as follows:


A. The aluminum alloy oil tank trailer has a low center of gravity, so it is easier to brake, safer, and has good electrical

conductivity and energy absorption performance, and will not suddenly tear;


B. Aluminum alloy oil tank trailer has lighter dead weight and higher effective load;


C. The aluminum alloy oil tank trailer has a longer service life, strong corrosion resistance, the oil is not easy to be polluted;


D. Relatively low maintenance cost, no painting, long-lasting appearance, easy to clean;

                                                                 Aluminum alloy material oil tank trailer


2. What Is The Tank Body Composition Of The Oil Tank Trailer ?


The oil tank trailer is mainly composed of tank body assembly, chassis running mechanism assembly, unloading system,

rear bumper assembly, hose storage box assembly, tank top guardrail, operation box assembly, tool box assembly,

electrical system assembly, fire extinguisher box assembly, ladder assembly and tank safety accessories etc.


The tank body assembly mainly includes man hole, discharge valve, discharge pipe, fire extinguisher, bottom valve etc.

Here attached oil tank trailer detail for your review.

                 Manhole                             Extinguisher                              Fuel Pipe                           Discharge Valve


3. TRUCKMAN AUTO Oil Tank Trailer Specification and Design Drawing.


Axles: 3 axles, 13 tons or 16 tons.

Tire: 12 units, 315/80R22.5.

Rim: thickness enhanced, 18mm.

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical suspension.

Spring Leaf: 90(W)mmx16(Thickness)mmx10 layers (thickness enhanced)

King Pin: JOST brand, 90#, 3.5 inch.

Landing Gear: JOST brand 28 tons, double-speed.

End Plate Thickness: 6mm/carbon steel

Tanker Body Thickness: 5mm/carbon steel

Tanker Body: 5 pcs compartment, 9000 liter per compartment

Brake Chamber: WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 spring brake chamber

Valve: WABCO valve

Tool Box: 1 pcs

Painting: Polyurethane, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats.

The oil tank trailer specification only for your reference, we can make your own trailer.


                                       3 axle 45000 liter 5 compartment oil tank trailer design drawing.


4. Oil Tank Trailer Electric And Air System.


A. Electric Circuit: TRUCKMAN AUTO oil tank trailer adopts a 24 volt 7-pin socket and a thicker circuit to avoid hot and

high temperature problems. The wire insulation layer is thickened, which is not easy to wear and cause leakage, which

effectively protects the circuit. The wire layout is reasonable, simple and clear, and easy to maintain.


B. Air Circuit: Adopting international standard air connection, the air pipe meets the requirements of working conditions in

high temperature, high humidity and high salinity areas !


5. TRUCKMAN AUTO Oil Tank Trailer Production Machine.


TRUCKMAN AUTO have corresponding machines for every step of the design and production of oil tank trailers, such as

steel plate cutting machines, laser machines, bending machines, board jigsaw machines, submerged arc automatic

weldingmachine, shot blasting machines, sand blasting rooms, paint spraying rooms, etc. Among them, the beams of

TRUCKMAN AUTO are welded by submerged arc automatic welding machine to ensure the stability of the beams.

And submerged arc welding has the characteristics of high welding speed, good welding quality and high production



                                           20000mm length submerged arc automatic welding machine.


6. TRUCKMAN AUTO Oil Tank Trailer Production Steps.


From the start of production to the completion of vehicle production, TRUCKMAN AUTO will give feedback to customers at

every step. TRUCKMAN AUTO has people who specialize in production, feedback on the production progress of orders in

a timely manner, and provide pictures of the production progress to customers. Let the customer know which step of the

production is now, and it will be completed in a few days. rest assured !


7. TRUCKMAN AUTO Will Make Test For Oil Tank Trailer Before Shipment.


In order to ensure that the customer has no problems after receiving the oil tank trailer, TRUCKMAN AUTO will inspect

every part of the semi trailer. For example, it will test wheel torque, tire pressure, electrical circuits, walking, and loading.

Special accessory protection.


Among them, the loading test is a very necessary test, which is an important test link to ensure that the customer can work

directly after receiving the semi trailer. For the oil tank trailer loading test, TRUCKMAN AUTO will fill the tank with water 24

hours in advance, observe whether there is water leakage, and ship it after confirming that there is no problem !


8. How To Maintain The Oil Tank Trailer ?


A. The tank body and the oil delivery system should be cleaned regularly, and the internal and external joints at both ends

of the oil delivery hose should be frequently coated with lubricating oil, which is easy and convenient for disassembly and

assembly of the oil tank trailer. After each work, the tubing should be cleaned in time to ensure that the inside of the tubing

is clean !


B. The use and maintenance of the oil pump of the oil tank trailer shall be carried out in strict accordance with its operation

and maintenance manual !


C. Before refueling operations, you must use a power pole to insert into the wet ground, the grounding tape of the tank

trailer should be grounded, and the static electricity should be maintained during the operation !


D. The safety valve and filter net of the oil tank trailer should be checked and cleaned frequently !


E. Oil tank trailer and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. The oil tank trailer regularly checks whether the joints of

the pipeline system are well connected and the seal is reliable !

                                                                   36000 liter oil tank trailer in Pakistan.


9. 4 Axle 54000 Liter 6 Pcs Compartment Oil Tank Trailer Hot Sale In Ghana !


TRUCKMAN AUTO's new model 4 axle 54000 liter 6 pcs compartment oil tank trailer is very popular in Ghana. The front

axle can adopt leaf spring or air suspension to meet local requirements for the weight of semi trailers. It adopts 16 tons

axle, which has heavy load capacity and good braking effect. The oil tank trailer adopt the tubeless model tire suitable

the local hot weather work condition.

                                          4 axle 54000 liter 6 pcs compartment oil tank trailer design drawing.